Details Green Cleaning

Steven W. Cross River, N.Y.
Move In, February 2012
  "Details" brings hygiene to a new level. The team is squeaky clean and leaves your home spotless, while using healthy cleaning agents. Clean Freaks Unite! 
Having lived in 7 states and Europe, I can assure you that this green team would win a gold medal if house cleaning were an Olympic sport. The best.

Carolyn B. Yonkers NY

2010 - Present
  I have known Juana for about seven years. She is a conscientious worker always trying to please. I find her reliable and trustworthy. Juana has a well sounded personality. I am very satisfied with her work. I believe her strong work ethics and desire to improve herself would make her an excellent candidate to provide service in your home.

M&P. Z. Scarsdale N.Y 
  They have proven to be not only good workers but also friends, they go beyond the ordinary cleaning job, all of this is done without the chemical cleaning odors that other cleaning crews has left behind. They are honest, reliable and hard working and we are very happy to have them around. It is easy to recommend them without any reservation.

C.Z (Daughter of M&P. Z.) M.A
June 10'
  Thank you for all you did for my parents, they and we appreciate it very much. 

S. Z (Son of M&P Z.) C.A
June 11'
  Thank you so much for the many years of help and support you shared with my parents. We are forever grateful that they had such wonderful people as you in their lives.

K. M. Yonkers N.Y
  They have been a blessing to me, my home has become clutter free and organized thanks to them, they take pride in their work and have many talents. I highly recommend them without reservation.